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Affordable Web Hosting Awards

Affordable Web Hosting is hosting at $8 or less a month, and the Affordable Web Hosts Awards is one of a series of Web Hosting Awards that brings you the pick of the most popular and highest-rating Affordable Web Hosting sites.

With one of the best reputations in the industry for customer satisfaction,  HostGator is the 21st fastest growing private company in America, and is a world leader in shared, reseller and dedicated web hosting.
customers range from individuals to Fortune 500 companies in over 170 countries worldwide.
Their most popular hosting plan offers a rare combination of quality and price with an account which includes; unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, hosting of unlimited domains, monthly contract, free credit for Google adwords and free instant setup.
Given their reputation in the industry this for us is the benchmark package at this price point and earns Hostgator the top slot in the affordable Web Hosting review.

 Blue Host has been providing quality web hosting services since 1996 and pride themselves in offering premium customer service to hosting clients on quality equipment.
In this price bracket they offer one of the best quality packages available with:
unlimited hosting space, unlimited file transfer and the ability to host unlimited domains. These accounts are quite fully-featured too, with just about everything that is in popular demand in this type of hosting today.
With this full feature set from a quality host it is easy to see why they have grown to the size they are now where they host millions of domains.

  Host Monster put a lot of emphasis on customer satisfaction and the quality of their equipment, the result being quality hosting with a lot of happy customers.
They provide real 24/7 non-outsourced support with average hold times of less than 2 minutes.
With a package offering unlimited hosting space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited domains in this price bracket, they are certainly in the forefront of contenders for the hosting dollar in this market segment, and very much worthy of consideration.

These top picks for affordable Web site hosting show quite different offerings and approaches, with what is right for one person not necessarily suiting another. For that reason it can be worthwhile looking through the whole list of affordable hosts, because a different organization's offering may have just the features that suit you best.

If you still want more Web hosting links after visiting this top 20, the Web Hosting Awards have top 20 listings for all segments and price brackets of the Web hosting market.

I hope the Affordable Hosting Top 20 takes you to what you are looking for in the growing world of affordable hosting online. And, if you did find this top 20 listing useful, please remember to bookmark the page, it may be the only reference for affordable hosts you'll ever need.

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